Möbelmesse Mailand - 3AHIHR/3BHIHR


It rained furniture from the sky (Marie-Julie Amon)

 “Ciao dalla città della pioggia, Milano.” Which means “Hello from the rainy city, Milan”, and concludes the trip of the 3B and the 3A pretty well. We all thought we could walk around in our summer clothes and enjoy the hot weather, but we got disappointed. Badly! Rain, rain and even more rain. I think I haven’t been wetter any time in my life before.

Last week the third years of the interior design department had an excursion to Milan. Our main goal was the furniture trade fair on Friday. The visit is like a tradition at our school and took place this year as well. As everyone can imagine there were so many people, and the halls were densely crowded.

My personal highlight was hall 15, which was a main bullet point on our teachers list, were new and mostly young designers exhibited their new designs to the world. They had the most interesting things to look at by far and my group and I walked through the whole hall twice.

Although my favourite was a Chinese designer who created wavey pieces that resembled the way water and wind influence their surroundings and curve their ways through landscapes. There were bent objects like clocks, vases and even a desk, which looked cool, new and modern to me. A little like these handmade vases you see on Pinterest and Instagram all the time.

While hall 15 was fascinating, were the other halls rather boring. Two or three of them were completely filled with luminary. All kind of lamps in different forms and colours. Some of them were kinda cool. Like they swirled around, or the lightning moved to a rhythm of music, which was funny to look at. Second there were so many sofas. Sofas over sofas and sofas. All shapes and colours that you could imagine were present. And of course, the main act, chairs. Never ever in my life have I sat on so many different chairs before.

Another cool thing were these soundproof glass boxes. They were like room dividers, but not like the usual ones that shield you from the glances of other people, but rather to protect your ears. As You close the door you couldn’t hear any noise from the outside anymore. That was so awesome. I think it would be cool if our school could create such small spaces for us to work in silence.

Despite all the rain and cold clothes, am I really thankful for this cool trip to Milan. Especially for the furniture trade fair, which is a big opportunity for us students to see the new and trendy designs of furniture that were developed the last few years. Getting inspiration from “co-workers” is always great to learn something new.